Caroliva is a family estate, producing gourmet olive oil,  grown and bottled in  Jaen in Andalusia, South Spain.

The family uses their unique combination of three  and four different Spanish olives Arbequina (sweet), Hojiblanca (fruity), and Picual (mild w/ peppery aftertaste) to create the complex award winning flavor.

Rather than use nets to collect the fruit, the olives are picked by hand.

The fruit is cold pressed the same day, while fresh and ripe for an extremely low acidity and fresh fruity flavor.

During the harvest, official independent tasters sample and rate each daily pressing, and only select batches certified as "premium quality" to be used for Caroliva.

The oil is bottled under Nitrogen so that the product is void of oxygen to avoid oxidation. The bottle has UV resistant glass to protect the oil, while allowing customers to see the oil's splendid color, density, and freshness. Caroliva olive oil is ideal when poured from our cruets.

Caroliva olive oil won “best Spanish olive oil” at Salon Saveurs in Paris, and “Best Olive Oil overall” at Galeria IFA in Tokyo, and Hoffex in Hong Kong.

All of our products retail in the finest stores around the world from Harrods Gourmet in London, Le Gran Epicerie de Paris, Balduccis of New York, Dean & Deluca of Napa Valley, and the Beverly Hills Cheese Store.

Caroliva has had several write up´s in the New York Times, Gourmet Retailer, and NASFT Fancy Food News.