The winery Mas Garcia Muret is located on the family premises of Doctor José Luis García Ubis, its founder. It belongs to the municipality of Llimiana, near the Terradets water reservoir, in the county of Pallars Jussà, a unique and characteristic part of our country.

Dr. José Luis was born in la Rioja, a land with a strong winemaking tradition, so this winery fulfills his dream of having his own wine label.

What at first was a hobby, in just a few years has become a first-class wine cellar surrounded by 70 hectares of land, of which 19 are planted with vineyards and the rest are full of almond and olive trees and cereals. The winery runs the production of high-quality wines.

From the moment he planted the first vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon, José Luis realized he couldn´t give up on his dream of building a cellar and, little by little, he increased the cultivation of grapevines.

Since 1989 he introduced the variety of Cabernet Sauvignon with very good results, and later on they added Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo for the red wine and Chardonnay, white Grenache, Sauvignon, Muscat, and Albariño for the white wine. But the first 13 hectares were soon too small, and in 2011 there were already 30 exclusively for the cultivation of vine grapes.

However, until then, all the harvest had been sold to other major wine producers, like Torres, but in 2010 the construction of the winery Mas Garcia Muret started and in 2011 they began to produce their own wines: UNUA and MURRIAC.

With two award-winning wines on the market and a growing production, 2013 is the year of ratification of Mas Garcia Muret as a Producer of high-quality wines. The grape has grown from 40000 kg to 105000 kg of grapes, which turn into more than 90000 liters of wine (white, red, rosé).

The winery continues to grow and produce excellent wines.