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DOQ Priorat is an exciting wine region, on the black slate (licorella) and at high altitude are grown on terraces Carignane, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, produced is in a sustainable and artisanal way and the outcome a classic wine with a modern touch.

The family wine experience dates back from generations and it is in 1995 that Josep starts his own bodega were he produces full-bodied red wines.

The vineyard has the characteristic slate soil of the Priorat region that produces grapes rich in minerals and wines with personal expressions.

The vineyard is composed by low yield old vines, narrow trunks and elevated circus which need less irrigation and give to the wine a very special character. During the winemaking process, they only use their own grape, mainly picked of seven or eight-year vines together with some older ones that were there when they bought the property.At the middle of this place, they find their cave, integrated into the environment, working with solar energy and rainwater. The 85% of the place is underground so this helps to stabilize the interior temperature in 15º. The wood doors, concrete walls and flat cover made of stone of the excavation, are all material that will age nicely and end fully integrated into the landscape.